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Early Edition is RNIB Connect Radio's breakfast show reviewing the main stories in the daily newspapers for blind and partially sighted people across the UK.

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RNIB monthly campaigns update.


Each month Jessica Hall keeps us up to date on the latest RNIB campaigns news and you can get involved too. Paul Bryce joins us to tell us why he became a volunteer. Allan Russell talks to Jess and Paul.

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Nominations open for the Vision Pioneer Awards 2017.


RNIB are holding the annual Vision Pioneer Awards this year and they're looking for your nominations for 1 particular catagory. Allan Russell spoke to Lorna Forbes to learn more....

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Top researcher outlines advances in retinal disease research.


Dr Omar Maroo is a researcher and lecturer from University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital. He spoke to Allan Russell to look at recent advances in retinal disease research...

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UK research charity supports National Eye Health Week.


Fight For Sight UK raises funds and uses them to support sight loss research across the country. Allan Russell spoke to George McNamara, from the charity, to learn more about their work and why they think NEHW is so important...

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Investigation into eye care provision.


A new All Party Parliamentary Group is now looking at concerns around the provision of eye care within NHS England. There are concerns that people are missing out on sight loss prevention checks and surgical procedures because of budget cuts and capacity

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Free movie festival with audio description.


Into Film is the largest movie festival for children and young people in the world. This year's event in London, November 2017, will feature a wide range of movies with AD along with interviews and workshops. Allan Russell spoke to Sam Wilson.

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Services from Fort Valley Sensory Centre.


Fort Valley Sensory Centre, near Falkirk, provides a wide range of services and activities for people effected by sight or hearing loss. Allan Russell spoke to Jackie Winning, centre manager, to find out more.

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Sight loss charity opens up the cinema.


RNIB are looking for blind movie lovers, to trial a new way of delivering Audio Description (AD) in cinemas. The system uses your smart phone or tablet to deliver the commentary. Allan Russell spoke to Sonali Rai, from RNIB, to find out more.

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Car manufacturer supports UK charity.


The charity Guide Dogs has announced a new collaboration with global brand Toyota. The company will help raise funds and increase awareness of the charity's work. Allan Russell spoke to Lynda Haywood, Guide Dogs, and Robin Giles, Toyota, to find out more

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Sight loss doesn't mean life stops!


Dave Thomas was a successful professional football player, who climbed to the lofty heights of international selection for England. As his sight began to deteriorate, he recognised he needed help and was open to assistance from a range of charities.

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